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Find Your Kitchen Style

Kitchen remodel: If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, it’s important to find your style. If you don’t know what style your kitchen should be, you can use the styles of typical kitchens as a guide. They may inspire you to make some changes in your kitchen. You can start with the basic elements, such as updating the flooring and painting the cabinets. Adding a backsplash is also a great way to change the look of the kitchen.

Galley Style Kitchen Remodel

A galley kitchen is a classic design that has been in use for centuries. Its cabinets face each other, and there’s plenty of vertical space to maximize your storage. Fortunately, there are many ways to transform this space into a spacious one. Install nooks for pots and pans, and create floating shelves or other storage solutions. Move some appliances to make more counter space.


You can also replace the lack of natural light in your galley kitchen with a high quality ceiling light. Or you can install a large light fixture that illuminates the entire room. The goal is to avoid making the space appear too dark, and choosing light fixtures made of halogen bulbs, also called white light, is an effective way to do so.

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The most important aspect of a galley kitchen remodel is finding good storage ideas. This will maximize the space you have, and you should make sure that you have plenty of cabinet space. Adding floor units with drawers are a good way to create storage space in a small space. Using neutral colors can also help create an illusion of space. Don’t limit yourself to all-white designs – there are many beautiful color schemes to choose from.

Cape Cod Style House Kitchen Remodel

The most common issue faced by Cape Cod homeowners is their kitchen. They want to make the space more functional and livable. However, most architects and builders focus on the back and side of the home, rather than the front. However, one of the most charming features of Cape Cod houses is its front facade.

Cape Cod style houses feature open floor plans with plenty of windows and skylights. This type of design encourages family interaction. An open concept is also better for entertaining and socializing. You can incorporate nautical decor to further accentuate the theme. You can also use white cabinetry with a natural look.

Depending on your preferences, you can use a Cape Cod backsplash design instead of tile. In addition, you can use beadboard plank paneling to cover the insides of upper cabinets. This style gives the kitchen a classic but modern feel. It also lends itself to open shelving and pot racks, while keeping the cabinetry open and airy.

Cape Cod kitchen designs are a great way to update your kitchen. You’ll be able to find many models that will perfectly match your home’s style. Light-painted cabinets, beadboard on the walls, and nautical themes are all characteristic of this design style.

Cape Style House Kitchen Remodel

When planning a kitchen remodel, think of the Cape Cod style. This style is inspired by the kitchens of summer and vacation homes, and it features solid wood cabinets, beadboard on the walls, and an open layout. The style is also known for subtle nautical themes and smart storage solutions.

When it comes to Cape Cod kitchen design, color plays an important role. This style usually features pale or neutral colors. The white color is traditionally used in Cape Cod kitchens to capture the seaside cottage aesthetic. You can find numerous furniture stores that offer cabinet hardware to match the style of your cabinets.

The couple bought their Cape Cod house 11 months ago. The two-story home was poorly insulated, had exposed fireplaces, and a nonfunctional chimney. The couple had two young boys and needed extra space, so they bought it. They were able to update the house while staying in it. Their new kitchen features a peninsula with extra seating for three people.

Many Cape Cods don’t have adequate ventilation or insulation, and some have strange roof lines. The good news is that many of these issues can be addressed. Whether it’s a small kitchen remodel or an entire renovation, a Cape style house kitchen remodel can help your family feel more comfortable and functional.

Colonial Style House Kitchen Remodel

A colonial style house kitchen remodel is an excellent opportunity to add light, space, and functionality. The homeowner wanted the kitchen to be open and light, while still maintaining the original architecture. The homeowner’s design also incorporated a double-hung window with colonial lites, which provides the room with a lot of natural light.

While the traditional colonial style house kitchen remodel typically features wood cabinetry with muted tones, newer trends are bringing lighter colors into the forefront of colonial kitchen designs. Cabinetry with a natural knotty pine finish or painted wood work well in colonial kitchens, but be sure to keep the cabinet colors muted. For example, if you choose to use painted cabinets, consider using warm colors like cream or white. Alternatively, you can add a whitewashed finish to the cabinets to create a classic look. If you want a more contemporary look, consider installing leaded glass front doors on the cabinets.

This kitchen remodel was part of a full home renovation, including the remodeling of all bathrooms. The homeowners’ original Colonial style house kitchen had an dated 1980s look that wasn’t in line with the rest of the house. A new renovation with the help of Heartwood Kitchens transformed the kitchen into a bright, airy space full of Victorian charm. The new look boasts antique English transferware tiles and antique drawer pulls. It also features beadboard.

A modern Colonial kitchen might also have built-in appliances, such as a refrigerator. These appliances will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen, allowing visitors to focus on the other elements. Traditional colonial kitchens also used open shelving. However, floating shelves have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. While they may not be as functional as the old-fashioned shelving, they can be a striking design element. Floating shelves can be used to highlight glass drinkware or other decorative items.

Galley Style Kitchen Remodel Ideas

If you’re looking for a kitchen makeover that will make even the smallest room feel larger, consider galley style kitchen remodel ideas. This style can be made to feel more open and spacious with a few simple tricks. First, give your galley kitchen walls a fresh coat of paint. Using a light, neutral color, such as white or light gray, can instantly give your kitchen a more open feel. Another great way to make your kitchen look bigger is to paint the ceiling a lighter color than the walls.

Galley kitchens are known for their narrow walkways and lack of space, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t transform them into a fantastic cooking space. You can add a stylish floor runner to a galley kitchen to add some personality and design flair. Another great tip is to add a downlight underneath wall cabinets to maximize light and surface space.

Adding storage is the most important part of galley kitchen planning, so make sure to add enough cabinet space and drawers. If you’re limited by space, you can consider installing floor units with drawers to increase storage space. In addition, natural light is crucial to creating a sense of space, so try to use neutral colors. This doesn’t mean that you should use all white designs – you can use bright colors to make your kitchen look bigger and brighter.

Another great option for galley kitchens is open shelving. Although these spaces don’t have enough cabinet space for a full wall of cabinets, open shelving adds a sense of space without feeling cramped. The main downside of open shelves is that you have to keep them neat and organized. Open shelving also allows you to showcase your favorite items and save space.

Kitchen Remodel Farmhouse Style

If you’re looking for a kitchen remodel that is classic and on a budget, the farmhouse style might be the perfect option. The look focuses on worn-in elements and does not require expensive materials. For example, a natural wood or butcher block countertop is cheaper than marble or solid surface countertops. By incorporating more modern elements, you can also elevate the look of your kitchen.

A farmhouse style kitchen allows you to display all of your favorite dishes and kitchenware. The space is functional and approachable, and you can use it for conversation or entertaining guests. To achieve this look, you must start by eliminating the extra work and creating the perfect working environment. Look for pictures of kitchens that showcase this style and decide on a layout that works for your home.

You can also add a rustic element to your kitchen by repainting your cabinets. If you’re renovating an old kitchen, use a light, soft color. You can also choose wood flooring that has a matte or glossy finish. This will give your kitchen a country feeling without breaking the bank.

If you have white cabinets, you can add pops of color with a bold accent color. Using a coordinating color scheme creates a big visual impact. You can also use an open shelf to show off your collection of Depression-era milk glass. To balance out the warmth of the room, use simple wood knobs and a dark wood floor.

In this article, we have told you about the kitchen remodeling options that are stylish and appeal to different tastes. You can come to our Reston or Sterling stores with these or any model you have in mind, or you can turn your dreams into reality by contacting ABC Kitchen and Bathroom consultants via the Internet.

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