ABC Kitchen and Bath Remodeling


JOB DESCRIPTION: Industrial Designer

Initiate, develop and implement design concepts that are compliant with design trends though the use of drawings, CAD software, and 3D models based upon the aesthetic diction given by the Own-er or end-client. Supervising, modifying, and refining designs, using working models to confirm cus-tomer specifications, production limitations, and changes in design trends. Client consultation to de-termine spatial and functionality of new structures or renovations. Analytical problem solving, through design and use of complementary functional products. Collaborate with the manufacturing team to evaluate the product in order to determine production feasibility and costs. Preparing and presenting information regarding design, specifications, materials, color, equipment, estimates cost, and construction time. Planning project layout, integrating engineering elements into a unified de-sign, receive feedback from the clients and creatively use the feedback to refine product design if necessary. Utilizing computer-assisted design software and rendering to prepare project designs and plans. Knowledge in ProKitchen or 2020, Rhinoceros and/or Revit and any of the following render-ing programs: KeyShot, Lumion, Autodesk, Amold. Researching newly available products and de-sign new trends to position the company ahead of competitors. Evaluating new product function, appearance, and safety to determine design practicality. Reporting to the Principal (Owner).


Req. BA Degree in Industrial Design or foreign equivalent and 12 months experience in Indus-trial Design.


TO APPLY: Send resume and cover letter to Attn: HR ABC Cabinet and Granite. 14220 Sullyfield Circle, Floor D, Chantilly, VA 20151


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